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What is TrainerUni?

We are your Coaching and Learning partner with a group of Experienced Coaches and Subject Matter Experts in Business Management & Leadership.
We offer 1-on-1 interactive sessions via our TrainerUni Online Platform.

Why TrainerUni?

New Opportunity

With digital becoming our daily, coaching and training are moved online – either eLearning or virtual classroom. Attention span of online learning & virtual learning is short.

New Trend

While online coaching and learning is a new trend, why not create an online on demand coaching and learning platform as ANOTHER OPTION? Learners could attend any ‘personalized 1-on-1 live virtual coaching and training’ with coaches and subject matter experts based on their personal needs, each session can start from 30 mins to 1 hour. Learners can book & attend learning sessions anytime, anywhere.

Spot Coaching & Learning

All ‘spot coaching and learning’ is focused on ‘personal development’ & ‘business knowledge’ to support an individual for successful career development and job performance.

Resources Allocation

With the transformation of the L&D function, less resources are invested for staff development via internal instructor-led learning programs. Moreover, senior leaders’ learning needs cannot be fulfilled by in-house resources.

What we do?

  • Helping individual to learn, grow and develop anytime anywhere via digital learning platform.
  • All coaching and learning is 1-on-1, live, interactive and based on personal learning needs.
  • Helping organizations to provide an alternative coaching and learning solution to their employees.

How TrainerUni works?


Login to our Platform


Select your preferred Coach and Subject Matter Expert


Book a 1-on-1 interactive session


Equip yourself
Anytime, Anywhere

Coaches and Trainers of TrainerUni

All our Coaches and Trainers are Seasoned Subject Matter Experts in different areas.

Who are Our Coaches and Experts?

  • They are recruited around the world
  • They are either Experienced “Executive Coach”, “Learning & Development Practitioners” or ”Business Leaders" in their Expert Areas.
  • They all have proven track record in their expert disciplines.

Working with TrainerUni gives you the opportunity to train and coach people from different industries and locations with plenty of flexibility

How can I join TrainerUni as one of the Coaches and Subject Matter Experts?

TrainerUni recruits Coaches and Subject Matter Experts around the world. Our Coaches and Subject Matter Experts are either experienced “Executive Coach”, ”Business Leaders", “Learning & Development Practitioners” or “Digital and IT Experts” who have proven track record in their expert disciplines.

Our network of Coaches and Subject Matter Experts are passionate to support on-demand learning and personal development of individuals with diverse backgrounds. Coaches and Subject Matter Experts can also generate extra income whenever you are available

If you would like to join our TrainerUni network, please contact us for the application details.


Vivian (Learner)

TrainerUni is a well developed online learning platform, user-friendly for individual learners. The Expert provided me insightful advice and taught me how to develop my business proposal.

Elton (Learner)

TrainerUni career coach helped me to clarify my career development goals and helped me to brush up my job interviewing skills. I am able to find a suitable job in a month.

MASS (Corporate)

We have searched for an online learning platform in the market for a long time to develop digital learning for my company. TrainerUni is a breakthrough solution which provides 1-on-1 interactive online learning for our employees to support their individual learning needs. It is a highly flexible and cost-effective learning solution which cannot be done solely by instructor-led training.

Woow Moment (Corporate)

It is not easy to find experienced and professional Executive Coaches, it usually takes quite a journey to find a suitable coach. TrainerUni provides credible coaches and provides matching services to our employees based on individual needs. The solution is flexible and cost-effective as number of coaching sessions are subject to individual needs.

Susana (Subject Matter Expert)

TrainerUni is a collaborative platform where many different experts can come together and contribute their knowledge and expertise to provide a one-stop-shop learning solution to our clients.

Hannah (Student of The Hong Kong Polytechnical University)

I was coached by Ms. Senna Cheung, I think the whole session went very well and it was valuable. Ms. Cheung gave me some extra resources such as employment website (Jijis), and self-learning website (Coursera). Besides CV screening based on my targeted industry, mock interview was also conducted, and comprehensive feedbacks were given.

Linda (Student of The Hong Kong Polytechnical University)

The session was very useful, interactive and inspiring! The coach, Salina checked every detail on my CV and provided great solutions for me to polish it. Salina also carried out a mock interview with me and constructive feedback were given to me. All in all, the session is worth joining.

Alexandra (Student of The Hong Kong Polytechnical University)

It was very helpful. During the session, I realized that my CV is not really a big issue. I found that I should really sharpen my interview skills. My thinking process is not critical and deep enough to impress the interviewer. I also learned how to perform better in the interview using STAR method, and how to be a ‘transferable’ candidate expressing ideas with strategies/principles that I learned from past experiences.

Ziling (Student of The Hong Kong Polytechnical University)

Positive. The career coach is nice and has provide some useful information/tips to answer my questions. I am confident to have my future performance in CV writing and interviews improved.

Sharon(Student of The Hong Kong Polytechnical University)

The whole session was good, and the most useful part was to help me to modify the CV.

Natalie(Student of The Hong Kong Polytechnical University)

Very nice interview practice experience and help me to strength the rule of STAR. It is a super useful method. Thanks for your help.

Peter(Student of The Hong Kong Polytechnical University)

My instructor was Susana, and we went through my CV, and gave me some useful suggestions about the problems that I met in interviews. The process was very constructive for me, and I really appreciate her support.

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