Women entrepreneurs usually start their businesses from scratch, using only savings and investments. Social and family influences may limit women’s ability to succeed as entrepreneurs. Demands from work and family that are imposed on women will put a woman under pressure. Women are usually modest, they should build up their confidence and be proud of their accomplishments. In addition to personal skills, starting a business to scale up needs to acquire relevant business knowledge and skills. With the limitation of time, capital and network, seeking for expert advice to solve business issues become difficult to access.

During the startup phase, entrepreneurs spend their time meeting people, coming up with new ways to sell their products or services and consistently implementing new ideas. At this point, they won’t have many processes and tweak their business model to get a sense of the market and how to turn a profit. Although it's an exciting time, it's where most businesses fail. Entrepreneurs should figure out a business model that allows for sustainable cash flow, consistent growth and the ability to hire other people to run it.

In the growth phase, clients should be able to explain their business model to other prospects. Keep their pricing level with modest increases for new clients. Existing client relationships should be maturing past the three- to four-year mark.

The growth phase is where business solidifies its stance in the marketplace. Entrepreneurs should turn their focus to build teams and hire higher-level people to run operations. Time should be spent on activities that help the company grow and to strengthen the relationships with clients.

The growth phase will require investment. Entrepreneurs will have to give back profitability to fund growth or seek outside investment capital either through investors or debt.

How could TrainerUni support women entrepreneurs to learn and grow in the Startup and Growth Phase?

  1. Women entrepreneurs could learn from TrainerUni, a group of Coaches and Subject Matter Experts in Business Management, Personal Development & Leadership based on their personal needs to empower them with relevant knowledge and skills to advance their business
  2. TrainerUni provides on-demand 1-on-1 interactive learning to support women entrepreneurs anytime anywhere to run their business from start-up to scale-up

Learning solutions based on personal needs

Learners may enroll for any topics that fit their own needs. Based on the advice from our group of Coaches and Subject Matter Experts, each topic has a suggested duration in order to meet the fundamental expected learning outcomes. Learners set their own learning goals which empower them to be confident entrepreneurs.

Learning solutions are categorized into Business Management, Personal Development and Leadership. One online session is 30 minutes. Learners may book multiple sessions based on their availability.

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Learning solutions at a glance

Life Stage of Business Business Management Personal Development Leadership
(0-2 years)
  1. Basic accounting knowledge for running a business
  2. Developing a company strategy
  3. Business Storytelling
  4. Developing a marketing proposal
  5. How to use social media and instagram for promotion
  6. How to prepare for setting up a website
  1. Personal coaching
  2. Improve presentation skills to pitch an idea
  3. Personal well-being (Mindfulness)
  4. Mentored by an experienced business leader
Running an effective meeting with clients
Growth Phase (3-4 years)
  1. Business analysis
  2. Sales Management
  3. Recruiting right people
  1. Personal coaching
  2. Work-life balance
  3. Mentored by an experienced business leader
  1. Change management
  2. Improving team performance
  3. Team development
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Vivian (Learner)

TrainerUni is a well developed online learning platform, user-friendly for individual learners. The Expert provided me insightful advice and taught me how to develop my business proposal.

Elton (Learner)

TrainerUni career coach helped me to clarify my career development goals and helped me to brush up my job interviewing skills. I am able to find a suitable job in a month.

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