General Terms and Conditions


“Client” means a Company/Member that purchases TrainerUni Services.

"Learner" means an individual who attends any training session.

“Trainer” means an individual who offers and delivers training services.


2.1 TrainerUni is an online learning platform where members can connect with, choose, and engage with Trainers for the purpose of chosen learning services.

2.2 If a Member is a Company, such Member may authorize additional individuals and/or their employees (the "Employees") to use the TrainerUni Platform. The Company may (i) track Employees’ completed lessons, (ii) add or remove any Employees from access to or the use of TrainerUni Platform, (iii) control, refill or shift their TrainerUni credits balances within such Company’s TrainerUni Account. For the avoidance of doubt, an Employee shall be considered as a "Learner".

TrainerUni ACCOUNT

3.1 In order to use all the features that are offered through the TrainerUni Platform, the Client must create an account ("TrainerUni Account") and become a Member.

3.2 The account will be activated to the Client only upon successful receipt of full payment.

3.3 To create a TrainerUni Account, you must be eligible to use the TrainerUni Platform for which you are registering, have a valid email address and provide truthful and accurate information.

3.4 The client is entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your username and password and all access to and use of your TrainerUni account.

3.5 The client agrees to notify TrainerUni immediately of any unauthorized use of your TrainerUni Account. We reserve the right to close your TrainerUni Account at any time if you violate these TrainerUni Terms or if we otherwise have a legitimate interest to do so, such as complying with a legal or regulatory obligation.

3.6 If you are an Employee of a Company, during the registration process, you may identify a Company with whom your profile and TrainerUni Account is associated. Your individual profile may have been created by an authorized representative of the Company, and your profile and TrainerUni Account will be associated with such Company. If your TrainerUni Credits are provided by your Company, you may lose access to such TrainerUni Credits upon termination or change in status of your relationship with such Company. If you are an authorized representative of an entity receiving the Services, you hereby warrant and represent to us that (a) you have the proper authority to create, terminate and maintain the company account and to add and remove individual members to and from the account and (b) you have obtained all necessary consent from any applicable individuals for the creation of their accounts and the processing of individual information. You agree to indemnify us for any loss we may suffer as a result of any breach of these warranties and representations.

3.7 We may suspend or cancel your TrainerUni Account if we believe that you have violated or acted in a manner that is inconsistently with the spirit of these TrainerUni Terms


4.1 Payment Terms - The order sum shall be payable against valid invoice within 30 days.

4.2 "TrainerUni Credits" means the virtual currency purchased from TrainerUni, which can be used solely on the TrainerUni Platform to purchase Training Services, and does not have any value outside of the TrainerUni Platform.

4.3 Payment Method of TrainerUni Credits - In order to acquire TrainerUni Credits, the Client may use a Payment Method to pay for the desired amount of TrainerUni Credits. The Client may be charged additional fees by the third party that provides the applicable Payment Method. These fees are not under TrainerUni's control, and TrainerUni disclaims all liability in this regard. Whatever Payment Method the Client uses may be subject to additional terms and conditions, which we recommend that the Client reviews before using such Payment Method. If you are a Company, TrainerUni Credit acquired by the Client may be allocated between the Company Employees’ TrainerUni Account.

4.4 No Refunds on TrainerUni Credits Payments - All payments are final. No refunds will be given for TrainerUni Credits purchased.


5.1 Credits Usage - One (1) credit will be deducted from the TrainerUni Account for 1 (one) 30-minute training session. Learner cancels within 48 hours of the session(s) start time or did not appear for the session(s), total number of credit(s) equivalent to total number of session(s) booked for that session(s) will be deducted from the TrainerUni Account. If the Trainer cancels within 48 hours of the session start time and the other substitute Trainer is not available or did not appear for the session due to whatever reasons, TrainerUni shall offer the make-up session without charging any TrainerUni Credit from the Client.

5.2 Expiration Policy - The Client is expecting to use all TrainerUni Credits within twelve (12) months from the account activation date. If there are any unused TrainerUni Credits after the Package Expiration Date, all credits will be expired without refund.

5.3 TrainerUni Credits are not Bank Deposits - TrainerUni is not a bank. TrainerUni credits stored at the TrainerUni platform are not insured deposits.

5.4 Foreign Exchange Risk - TrainerUni Credits are tied to Hong Kong Dollars. TrainerUni is not responsible for currency fluctuations, nor is TrainerUni responsible for currency fluctuations that occur when receiving or sending payment via third party payment services when purchasing TrainerUni Credits.


6.1 Actions to be taken under the adverse weather conditions announced by The Hong Kong Observatory.

6.2 Before training session commencement:

When Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above / Black Rainstorm Warning is in force/likely to be issued
At or after 7:00 a.m.Morning sessions that are held between 9:00 am and 1:59 pm will be cancelled
At or after 12:000 noon Afternoon sessions that are held between 2:00 pm and 5:59 pm will be cancelled
At or after 4:00 pm Evening sessions that are held after 6:00 pm will be cancelled
When Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above / Black Rainstorm Warning is lowered
At or after 7:00 a.m. All sessions will be held as scheduled
At or after 12:000 noon Sessions from 2:00 pm or thereafter will be held as scheduled
At or after 4:00 pm Sessions from 6:00 pm or thereafter will be held as scheduled

6.3 Training session that have already started

When Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above is in force Sessions already in progress will continue as scheduled
When Black Rainstorm Warning is in force Sessions already in progress will continue as scheduled


Learner may be asked to leave feedback and a rating for the Trainer upon successful completion of a lesson. Leaving feedback or a rating is optional. However, if the learner will do so, he/she agrees that the feedback must be genuine and honest, and will not commit fraud, spam, insult, harass, threaten, or otherwise misuse the feedback system.


8.1 Any specific information discussed or issues raised during the training session will be on a strictly confidential basis, and will not be communicated in any way with persons outside the training relationship.

8.2 The Trainer will maintain file notes on the progress of the training sessions, and will ensure complete confidentiality of this information, except in rare circumstances where decreed by law or as agreed by the Learner/Client for a specified purpose.

8.3 The Trainer will work within the professional ethics guidelines designated by the TrainerUni.


9.1 If any dispute arises between the TrainerUni and the Client in reference to the performance of the Contract, or any part thereof, the TrainerUni may forthwith give to the other party written notice requiring the matter to be referred to a single arbitrator, in accordance with the procedures governed by the Arbitration Ordinance, whose decision shall be final, and binding on the parties. The costs of such reference shall be in the discretion of the arbitrator.

9.2 The Contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong