Could I buy learning credits from TrainerUni directly to support my personal learning needs?

Yes. TrainerUni welcomes all individuals who are eager to learn and further develop themselves. Please contact TrainerUni to discuss a suitable subscription plan to meet your needs.

Choose the best plan to fit your needs.

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How am I going to choose suitable coaching and learning topics?

TrainerUni provides well-defined learning topics categorized under Personal Development, Business Management, Leadership, Digital & IT. Learners can select any topic that fits their needs, then select any suitable Subject Matter Experts to provide 1-on-1 on-demand training.

Learners are able to view the profiles, languages and availability of all Subject Matter Experts after log-in to the TrainerUni learner account to choose any Subject Matter Experts to support your personal learning needs.

You may also book a 1-on-1 session with professional coaches in TrainerUni to support your personal development, enhance leadership or thinking something through. All the coaches in our TrainerUni network are professional coaches with recognized credentials. They are either ICF accredited coaches or accredited by other worldwide coaching associations.


Vivian (Learner)

TrainerUni is a well developed online learning platform, user-friendly for individual learners. The Expert provided me insightful advice and taught me how to develop my business proposal.

Elton (Learner)

TrainerUni career coach helped me to clarify my career development goals and helped me to brush up my job interviewing skills. I am able to find a suitable job in a month.

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