Why should a corporate join TrainerUni?

TrainerUni offers a new trend of digital coaching and learning. Learners can attend any ‘personalized 1-on-1 live virtual coaching and training’ with subject matter experts and professional coaches based on their personal needs, each session can last from 30 mins to 1 hour. Learners can book & attend coaching and learning sessions anytime and anywhere.

Many organizations nowadays are developing digital coaching and learning programmes to supplement and complement their instructor-led training curriculum. TrainerUni is a cost effective and user-friendly alternative digital learning partner with organizations.

For organizations which do not have much internal training resources, TrainerUni provides one-stop-shop online learning solutions for these organizations.

How to incorporate TrainerUni to the companies’ existing training curriculum?

Many companies use TrainerUni service creatively. To name a few examples:

Some companies use TrainerUni as part of the learning solution for their in-house high-potentials (HiPo) development programs. Companies will arrange their high-potentials to have 1-on-1 coaching service provided by TrainerUni. All the coaches in our TrainerUni network are professional coaches with recognized credentials. They are either ICF accredited coaches or accredited by other worldwide coaching associations. Learners have flexibility to book any coaches based on their availability, anytime and anywhere. TrainerUni will work closely with companies to identify suitable coaches for their high-potential employees to achieve the expected learning goals. Companies can decide the number of coaching sessions for each employee based on individual needs. This saves a lot of costs and time to identify professional coaches for in-house learning & development teams. TrainerUni becomes their creditable external learning partner.

Some companies use TrainerUni to provide external mentoring service for their employees’ development program. TrainerUni has invited a group of Subject Matter Experts in business management, leadership and personal development. They are all experienced leaders in their subject areas and passionate about sharing their personal experience and provide guidance to a group of mentees. TrainerUni will work closely with companies to identify suitable Subject Matter Experts for their group of mentees to ensure achieving expected learning outcome. Their mentees can meet our Subject Matter Experts (i.e. their mentors) anytime and anywhere via our online TrainerUni learning platform.

Some other companies simply buy TrainerUni credits for employees’ learning and development. They allocate learning credits to employees and allow flexibility for employees to choose personal learning focus and book 1-on-1 on-demand learning sessions based on their personal needs. Some employees will book learning sessions focusing on improving personal wellbeing, some will book sessions to learn how to improve team performance, brush up executive presentation skills, etc.

TrainerUni is more than happy to discuss with companies on how to make use of TrainerUni online digital learning platform to gain the most benefits for your employees and to the organization. Please contact us to discuss how to transform your earning and be a pioneer of digital learning organizations.


MASS (Corporate)

We have searched for an online learning platform in the market for a long time to develop digital learning for my company. TrainerUni is a breakthrough solution which provides 1-on-1 interactive online learning for our employees to support their individual learning needs. It is a highly flexible and cost-effective learning solution which cannot be done solely by instructor-led training.

Woow Moment (Corporate)

It is not easy to find experienced and professional Executive Coaches, it usually takes quite a journey to find a suitable coach. TrainerUni provides credible coaches and provides matching services to our employees based on individual needs. The solution is flexible and cost-effective as number of coaching sessions are subject to individual needs.

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